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We help people have experiences beyond their expectations.

Bushveld Safaris & Outfitters is owned and operated by the Slabbert family and has grown into one of South Africa’s premier hunting outfitters with an impeccable record of producing world-class trophies through ethical fair chase hunting.

At Bushveld Safaris & Outfitters, we do not offer just an African hunting safari but a custom hunting package tailored to fit the client.

If your lifelong dream is to participate in the perfect African Hunting Safari, you’ve come to the right place.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our history

Hunting started at a young age, and the memories of doing it with my dad will stay with me forever. There is something about being in the bush and spending quality time with loved ones. An African safari you will always remember. All the Bushveld Safaris & Outfitters staff know how to treat customers, and we make every effort to put the client’s needs first. We have over 30 years of experience in service delivery and understand professionalism. We are providing that personal touch.

For the clients, we don’t just start as a professional outfitting; we aim to make friends for life. We strive for excellence, for you to return to us again, and for more amazing adventures that will last a lifetime.

Local Expertise

Our staff and professional hunters are well-trained and have many years of experience in life and the hunting fields. They will make sure that you will have the best time – ever!

Value For Money

We create custom packages that work for you—an abundance of game and species on offer at a competitive price.

for conservation

At Bushveld Safaris & Outfitters, we pride ourselves on our conservation effort by ensuring that we teach and act on conservation. We have our own Wildlife conservation project where we assist and redo projects to help other conservationists live their passion. The non-profit organisation is called Bushveld Conservation Trust.

We call this 40 hours of service learning. The idea is to spend 40 hours a year giving back to others in need. This could be any project from small to large. An example is rebuilding infrastructure, buildings, and security solutions and providing the essential requirement to store fresh water etc.

We provide the activity where you can get involved, and it’s also backed by a multinational company across Europe and America to give some assistance.